Zoe wore this stunning embellished maxi dress on the night of her own beauty launch in London just a few days ago.

where is zoe's pink wallet from? thank youuu xx

It’s the Two-Tone Leather Wallet by Marc by Marc Jacobs. x

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How to make myself thin like Zoe

Eat healthy and exercise, please don’t ever starve yourself and keep in mind that Zoe’s quite small and she has a fast metabolism. x

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hey zoella :) im really inspired from you.. im 14 years old but im not that pretty please give me some tips to be like you.. pretty and perfect.. i try to think psoitive sometimes but i still dont see myself beautiful please help :) xxx bdw i lvoe your videos

I’m not Zoe! x

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Zoe wore this lace trim tank to the beach in yesterday’s vlog.

do you know what jotel zoe stayed in in london just this sunday? it's amazing! (:

Town Hall Hotel x

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How did Zoe come up with the name Zoella? Also, what does it mean?

"I called my blog Zoella, as it was a nickname I was given at the time. I don’t remember who by, but now it has stuck with me whether I like it or not haha." :)

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Your blog is so amazing ily :) x

Thank you :) x

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Du bist deutsch ? Ist ja cool :)

Ja :)

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What does this quote mean? "But, my dear, you are not Alice and this is not wonderland" xx


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